Veterinary Parasite Treatment Anthelminitic API Manufacturer Triclabendazole

Veterinary Parasite Treatment Anthelminitic API Manufacturer Triclabendazole

Triclabendazole raw powder is used to treat fasciola hepatica, bovine fasciola hepatica, deer fasciola hepatica etc.. Triclabendazole raw powder is antihelminfic for animals such as cow, sheep, goat and son on.

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Veterinary Parasite Treatment Anthelminitic API Manufacturer Triclabendazole 


Chemical & Physical Properties:

CAS NO: 68786-66-3

Molecular Formular: C14H9Cl3N2OS

MW: 359.66

HS Code: 29339900

Melting Point : 175-176°C

Storage Temp.: 0-6°C





white powder

Melting Point


Particle Size


Loss on drying






Oral LD50, rat, acute*: >8000 mg/kg
Dermal LD50, rat, acute*: > 4000 mg/kg



1. Triclabendazole is a veteran anthelmintic flukicide compound belonging to the chemical class of the benzimidazoles. It is abundantly used on sheep, goats and cattle, mostly in drenches, seldom in the form of tablets, boluses, etc.

2. It is not used on pig, poultry, dos or cats. 

3. It is often used in mixtures, together with a broad-spectrum nematicide (e.g. abamectinalbendazole, fenbendazoleivermectinlevamisole) to add efficacy against roundworms.

4. Triclabendazole is highly effective against adults of the common liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica) as well as all immature stages, i.e. early immature larvae (1 to 6 weeks old) and immature larvae (6 to 9 weeks old). In fact, it is the only flukicide effective against all early immature liver fluke larvae.


Package: 25 kg/drum


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