Veterinary Coccidiostat Raw Material Powder Salinomycin Sodium Salt

Veterinary Coccidiostat Raw Material Powder Salinomycin Sodium Salt

Salinomycin is a coccidiostat ionophore antibiotic isolated from Streptomyces albus. It increases cation movement across cell membranes through exchange-diffusion, resulting in altered gradients due to a lack of control of ion permeability. This effect allows ions (K+, Na+, Ca+, Mg2+) to accumulate inside the cell, reaching toxic levels. Salinomycin sodium is freely soluble in aqueous solution.

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Veterinary Coccidiostat Raw Material Powder Salinomycin Sodium Salt

Chemical & Physical Properties:

CAS NO: 55721-31-8

Molecular Formular: C42H69NaO11

MW: 772.98

Melting Point : 112.5-113.5 °C

Storage Temp.: 0-6°C





White or yellow crystal powder

Melting Point


Heavy Metals

0.12 ppm

Loss on drying


Ignition residue






1. Salinomycin Sodium is an anti coccidiosis chemical medicine.It has a preventive effect on fowl Coccidiosis.
2. Salinomycin can change the content of volatile fatty acid in large intestine and kidney,so it has the function of promoting the growth of chickens. 
3. Salinomycin can improve the utility of crude protein, crude fatty acid, crude cellulose in feedstuff, thus it can improve the conversion ratio of feedstuff.


Package: 25 kg/drum

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