Provide CAS NO3810-74-0 Streptomycin Sulfate With Top Quality And Best Price

Provide CAS NO3810-74-0 Streptomycin Sulfate With Top Quality And Best Price

Streptomycin is a water-soluble aminoglycoside derived from Streptomyces griseus. It is marketed as the sulfate salt of streptomycin. The chemical name of streptomycin sulfate is D-Streptamine. Streptomycin of Mycobacterium tuberculosis has a strong antibacterial effect. Streptomycin for many gram-negative bacilli .

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Product Details

Chemical & Physical Properties:

CAS NO: 3810-74-0

Molecular Formular: C42H84N14O36S3

MW: 1457.38

EINECS: 223-286-0

RTECS: WK4990000

Storage temp.: 2-8°C





white powder



Sulfated Ash


Streptomycin B


Loss on drying




Stability :Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.


This product is used in the treatment of acute infections caused by various kinds of sensitive bacteria strains, like respiratory tract infections (pneumonia, laryngopharyngitis and bronchitis), urinary tract infections, actinomyces infections, leptospirosis, bacterial gastroenteritis and mastitis among domestic animals, cow flu, and respiratory tract infections (malignant rhinitis and etc.) and bacterial enteritis among domestic fowls. It is also used to control acute onsets of dairy cattle tuberculosis (once daily for 6-7days ).

Streptomycin for Injection, equivalent to 1 gram streptomycin /vial is supplied as a sterile nonpyrogenic lyophillized cake for intramuscular use after reconstitution. The lyophillized cake may reduce to a powder during shipping.

After reconstitution the pH range for Streptomycin for Injection should be between 4.5 and 7.0 in a solution containing 200 mg of streptomycin activity per mL.

Package: 25 kg/drum


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