Feed Grade Vitamin C /Ascorbic Acid Powder For Animal Use

Feed Grade Vitamin C /Ascorbic Acid Powder For Animal Use

Naturally occurring ascorbic acid is highly sensitive to high temperatures, pH, oxygen, and pressure. Unfortunately, high temperatures and pressure also generally occur during the manufacture of many animal diets. Most small animal and pet bird diets contain at least some pellets or extruded particles. Pelleting and extrusion processes involve heat and pressure, although to different degrees. Because the source of vitamin C within a diet usually comes from the pellets/extruded kibble, finding a heat-and-storage-stable vitamin C source was important to the animal feed industry.

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Product Details

Feed Grade VitaminC for Pets in Small Animal and Pet Bird Diets

CAS No: 50-81-7

Chemical name: ascorbic acid

Physical Chemical Properties:

Appearance: white powder

Solubility (25°C): soluble in water easily

Stability: guaranteed activity for 24 months after manufacture, unopened packing and adequate storage conditions provided.

Toxicity: low toxicity



The biological role of ascorbate is to act as a reducing agent, donating electrons to various enzymatic and a few non-enzymatic reactions.

It helps enhance the immune systerm of animals as being served in feed additives.







white crystalline powder



  Melting point


  Residue on ignition


Content HPLC



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