Coccidiostatic Drugs CAS 137-88-2 Amprolium Hydrochloride HCL API For Chickens Dogs Cats Rabbits Cattle

Coccidiostatic Drugs CAS 137-88-2 Amprolium Hydrochloride HCL API For Chickens Dogs Cats Rabbits Cattle

Amprolium is quarternized derivative of pyrimidine which is a thiamine antagonist. It is most active against E. tenella, E. necatrix and E. acervulina and to lesser extent E. maxima. It could be fed at several times the recommended dose with no ill effects and probably, one of the safest anti-coccidial drugs to be used extensively. There is no premarketing withdrawal requirement for this compound.

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Coccidiostatic Drugs CAS 137-88-2 Amprolium Hydrochloride HCL API for Chickens Dogs Cats Rabbits Cattle

Chemical & Physical Properties:

CAS NO: 137-88-2

Molecular Formular: C14H20Cl2N4

MW: 315.24

EINECS: 205-307-5

HS Code: 29335995

Melting Point : 239.0-243.0 °C





A white or white-like crystalline Powder

Loss on Drying


Residue on ignition


Chromatographic purity







Mode of Action:

Amprolium is thiamine antagonist and due to its close structural similarity it blocks the thiamine receptors. This blockage of receptors prevents coccidia from utilizing thiamine and as a result thiamine is unavailable to coccidian. This vitamin (thiamine pyrophosphate) is a cofactor of several decarboxylase enzymes which play role in cofactor synthesis. Amprolium is only agent which can be used in laying birds both for prevention and treatment of outbreaks. At higher doses, thiamine deficiency can occur in host but it can be prevented by addition of thiamine.



(1) Significant effects on Eimeria tenella and Eimeria necatrix, inhibition of the giant Eimeria tenella.

(2) No injury of kideny.

(3) Adding immunopotentiator, ehancing the therapeutic effect of improving immunity.

(4) Adding synergy synergist, more thorough treatment of coccidiosis, effectively reduce the selection of drug resistance.

(5) Prevent secondary infection and coccidia recurrence



Mixed drink.

Poultry: one bag of the drug can be dissolved in water 170kg. used in conjunction with 5-7 days.

Fur-bearing animals per 1kg body weight uses the drug 0.5-1.0g, one time a day, used in conjunction with 5-7days


Note: Reducing the feed contains Vitamin B. amprolium would influnce the increase of vitamins.


Package: 25 kg/drum


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