CAS 61438-64-0 API Powder Closantel Sodium Dihydrate Raw Material

CAS 61438-64-0 API Powder Closantel Sodium Dihydrate Raw Material

Closantel Sodium is a real endectocide, i.e. a compound that controls several endoparasites and ectoparasites at the usual therapeutic dose. However it is only a narrow-spectrum and not a broad-spectrum endectocide such as the macrocyclic lactones. Closantel is the most used salicylanilide.

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CAS 61438-64-0 API Powder Closantel Sodium Dihydrate Raw Material

Chemical & Physical Properties:

CAS NO: 61438-64-0

Molecular Formular: C22H13Cl2I2N2NaO2

MW: 685.06

EINECS: 262-794-7





Yellow powder



Total impurities


Impurity A, B, C, D, E


Impurity F


Impurity G


Impurity H


Impurity I


Impurity J


Any other impurity






Closantel Sodium is used moderately in cattle, sheep and goats, mainly in the form of drenches and injectables, and there are a few pourons as well. Although it is a veteran anthelmintic, its use is increasing because it is often a valid alternative where resistance of gastrointestinal roundworms (to benzimidazoles, macrocyclic lactones, and/or levamisole) or liver flukes (to benzimidazoles) is a problem.

Closantel Sodium is highly effective against adults and larvae (6 to weeks old) of liver flukes (Fasciola hepatica), and against

several important gastrointestinal roundworms (e.g. Bunostomum, Haemonchus, Oesophagostomum, Ostertagia-Teladorsagia, Strongyloides, Trichostrongylus), as well as against screwworms(maggots of Cochliomyia spp and Chrysomya spp), sheep nasal bots (Oestrus ovis), and sheep keds (Melophagus ovinus).


Package: 25 kg/drum


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