540g/LThidiazuron DiuronSC

540g/LThidiazuron DiuronSC

Thidiazuron diuron in plant growth regulator Low dosage low temperature resistance high quality Fast defoliation complete defoliation...

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Product Details

1. This product is a special defoliating agent for binary compound cotton.This product is a special compounding defoliating agent for binary compounding. It has a wide range of climatic conditions and can exhibit good defoliation effect under low temperature conditions.

2. Promote the formation of the separation layer of cotton leaves at the petiole to achieve the purpose of clearing, avoiding the contamination of cotton wool by dead leaf debris and improving the quality of mechanical cotton picking.

3. Inhibition of greed, so that late autumn cotton peaches are evenly matured early, significantly increasing the proportion of pre-frost flowers.

4. Easy mechanical cotton picking and improved manual cotton picking efficiency.

5. This product is sprayed on the lower part of the cotton plant to make the lower old leaves fall off, improve the ventilation and light transmission of the cotton field, reduce the rotten bell, and facilitate the sowing or transplanting of the lower crop.

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