Plant Rooting Hormones 1-Naphthyl-acetamide NAD 98%

Plant Rooting Hormones 1-Naphthyl-acetamide NAD 98%

NAD is a good blossom and fruit thinning agent for apple, pear, peach, grape etc. NAD is also used as root inducing agent for ornamental plants, usally co-used with other root inducing agents.

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Product Details

Plant rooting hormones 1-Naphthyl-acetamide NAD 98%

CAS NO.: 86-86-2

Chemical Name: 1-Naphthyl-acetamide


Physical and chemical properties:

Appearance: White powder

Empirical Formula: C12H11NO

Molecular Weight: 185.2

Structural Formula:


Melting point: 180-184℃

Solubility: It can dissolve in acetone and ethanol when the solvent is 20℃, dissolve in water little.

Corrosive properties: It has nop irritation to skin, but can damage eyes if mis-operation is occur.



√ Used with root-chemical on apple tree, pear tree or peach tree as root-taken plant hormones.

√ Can dredge the flowers and fruits of apple, pear.


Notes and Cautions:

1. When it is used for fruit thinning agent, the duration should be controlled, and the effect is related with temperature, so before promoting in large range, 

the trial experience is necessary.

2. This product is wide-used for the main ingredient root promoter in US and EU

3. Wear protecting glasses when applying.


Specification: 98%TC




White Powder

Melting Point


Residues after Ignition


Loss on Drying


Content (HPLC)



Package:1kg/bag, 25kg/drum

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