High Purity Plant Growth Hormones Fruit Enlargement Forchlorfenuron CPPU KT-30

Forchlorfenuron CPPU is a Plant growth regulator with cytokinin activity, used in agriculture and horticulture to increase fruit size of fruits, e.g. kiwi fruit and table grapes t can promote cell division and expansion, enlarge fruit, increase crop yield, etc. The bioavailability of KT-30 is 10-100 times of that of plant hormones 6BA

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Product Details

High Purity Plant Growth Hormones Fruit Enlargement Forchlorfenuron CPPU KT-30

CAS NO.: 68157-60-8

Chemical Name: Forchlorfenuron, CPPU, KT-30, 4PU-30


Physical and Chemical Properties

Molecular Formula: C12H10ClN3O

Molecular weight: 247.68

Structural Formula:



Description: White crystal powder, difficulty dissolve in water , dissolve in organic solvent easily, such as ethanol, methanol and acetone etc. it’s stable in heat, acid or alkali.



Forchlorfenuron (CPPU) is low toxic plant growth regulator, the acute oral toxicity to adult rats LD50 is 4918 mg/kg; the acute skin toxicity to adult rats LD50 is 20000 mg/kg; it has a mild stimulation to rabbits’eyes and skin.


Storage: Keep in cool and dry place; 2 years.



Used to increase the size of kiwifruit, table grapes and peaches; promote fruit set in melons, pumpkins and cucumbers; promote branching in apples; and increase yield in potatoes, rice and wheat.


Suggested dose:


Processing stage




10~15 days after blossom fall

Soak the fruits with with 10~20 mg / L CPPU

Improve the fruit set rate, enlarge the size and increase the unit weight of fruits.


After picking

Spray or soak the fruits with 10 mg/L CPPU

Keep fruits fresh and extend the storage period.


20-25 days after blossom fall

Soak the fruits with 10-20mg/l CPPU

Enlarge the size and increase the unit weight of fruits.


Within fruit naturally drop stage

Coat the stem dense disk with 2 mg/l CPPU

Keep fruits fresh and extend the storage period.


Forchlorfenuron cppuSpecs what we supply:

Forchlorfenuron cppu 99% purity




White crystal

Melting Point


Residues after Ignition


Loss on Drying


Content (HPLC)


Package: 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum or customized packing of plant growth regulator Forchlorfenuron, CPPU


HERE IS Forchlorfenuron cppu 1% SOLUBLE POWDER

Plant growth regulator forchlorfenuroncppu soluble powder we can supply 1% purity, 1.5% purity, 2% purity, for customized specs plant growth regulator CPPU , pls contact us.



Q: Are you a trading company or factory? 

A: Zhengzhou Delong Chemical CO., Ltd, is a professional manufacturer for plant growth regulator and other agrochemicals.


Q: How to garantee your products ?

A: With 7 years of forchlorfenuroncppuexporting experience and good customer feedback, we are a factory with professional R&D team and Qaulity Control Departments Each batch of our forchlorfenuroncppu goods are strictly tested by Qaulity Control Departments, to ensure the quality.

Q: Is free sample available before place order?

A: Free sample is available, your side only need to pay the shipping freight or sending us the courier account number, then we will arrange the sample shipping within 3 days. Pls send your sample inquiry now.


Q: How long should it take can I get the goods after make payment ?

A: For 1-20kgs sample we send by door to door EMS/TNT/DHL/Fedex courier, usually within 10 days you can receive the product after payment.

For bulk quantity more than 1000 Kgs or more: Around 15 days we can prepare the goods and get loading.


If you have more questions, welcome to send us e-mail directly

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