Fruit Ripening Plant Growth Regulators Ethephon 480SL,85%TC Hormone

Ethephon is a plant growth regulator with systemic properties, Ethephon penetratesplant tissue and is decomposed to ethylene; which affects growth processes.

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Fruit Ripening Plant Growth Regulators Ethephon 480SL,85%TC Hormone

Ethephon is a kind of high effect plant growth stimulants, promote ripening, widely used to accelerate ripening of fruits, tomato, sugar beet, coffee, etc; to increase the tillering of wheat and rice; to prevent lodging in rice, maize and flax; to accelerate boll opening and defoliation in cotton; to hasten the yellowing of mature tobacco leaves; to stimulate latex flow in rubber 
trees, and resin flow in pine trees; to stimulate early uniform hull split in walnuts; etc.

CAS NO.: 16672-87-0

Chemical name: 2-Chloroethylphosphonic acid


Physical and Chemical Properties

Molecular Weight: 144.49

Structural Formula:


Melting point: 74℃-75℃

Description: White crystal or light yellow crystal, soluble in water, methanol, acetone,

and glycol, slightly soluble in toluene, insoluble in petroleum ether



√  Promote plant organ aging mature. Such as for ripening of cottonball , tomatoes turn red.

√  Restrain stem and leaves growth, such as for maize dwarf and lodging-resistance, cultivate

stocky rice seedling, control lychee tip to promote ear.

√  Increase numbers of female flower of cucumbers and improve output.

√  Break the dormancy and promote seed germination.√ Stimulate rubber run latex, improve 


√  Promote shedding fruit of hawthorn, dates, easy picking fruit.

√  For wheat male sterility , promote dwarf plant and good plant shape

√  Cuttage rooting and inducing plants roots

√  Promoting pineapple flowering, shorten the growth time of pineapple


For detailed dosage on different plant, pls send your inquiry to us directly.


Specs: 90% TC, 85%TC, 480g/l, 660g/l

Related Substances



White Waxy Crystal



Content %(m/m)



Ethephon 85%TC





Light yellow liquid



Boiling point


Ethephon 85%TC


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