The Natural Exsitence Of Triacontanol

- Jan 18, 2018 -

The resource of triacontanol is very rich and it exists widely in nature.

Triacontanol are in the form of advanced fatty acid esters in many plant waxes, some animal waxes, and even in lignite.

Triacontanol in the beeswax is in the form of an ester with palmitic acid. Ester formed by advanced fatty acids and advanced fatty alcohols, accounting for about 70% of beeswax, becomes the major component of beeswax, mainly palmitic acid-triacontanol ester.

Plant waxes exists in the plant's stems, leaves, fruit epidermis, petals and fruit. Different plant parts have different wax components; different plant species, their waxes are also different; the content of triacontanol in plant wax is much less than that of beeswax.


For example, triacontanol and other advanced alcohols in candelilla wax are 5%; triacontanol and other advanced alcohols in rose petals wax are 12.4%; Triacontanol and other higher alcohol fatty acids, hydrocarbons in Sandalwood leaf wax is 50%; Tricontanol in lignite is about 30%; Triacontanol in rice bran wax is about 43%.

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