Plant Hormones For Plant Tissue Culture

- Oct 31, 2017 -


Tissue culture, also known as micropropagation, is a propagation method used to produce plants under sterile conditions.

This method uses plant explants(移植)(plant parts) or seeds that have been sterilized before being placed in containers with a growing medium (usually a gel) that has some nutrients added. The explants or seeds, the containers and the medium have all been sterilized, and this (if successful) prevents any cut or torn tissue, or the entire explant or seed itself, from becoming infected with a microorganism of some kind and rotting during the time these plant parts require to become rooted or to multiply.


Many types of seeds germinated in these conditions tend to grow very fast compared to being sowed in standard growing media outside of sterile, enclosed containers. Using plant tissue, it is possible to grow exact copies of the donor plant. This is extremely useful for plants that genetically have desirable traits because one can create many clones of a particular plant much faster than traditional propagation methods like cuttings, pullings or divisions.


Plant hormones for plant tissue culture

The sterile nutrient media usually contains a nutrient solution (typically salts and vitamins), sucrose (sugar), hormones (optional), antibiotics (optional), and a solidifying or gelling agent such as agar (a product of seaweed).


Stages to do plant tissue culture

Four stages of plant tissue culture have been defined by a scientific pioneer in the field, Toshio Murashige, professor emeritus of the University of California at Riverside:


Stage I. Establishment of an aseptic (sterile) culture.

Stage II. The multiplication of propagules (a propagule is any part of a plant used to make or become new plants).

Stage III. Preparation of propagules for successful transfer to soil (rooting and hardening (acclimating) outside of sterile conditions in regular growing media).

Stage IV. Establishment in soil (or other appropriate growing medium).

Stage IV. Establishment in soil (or other appropriate growing medium).

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