Delivery Gibberellic Acid A4/7 To UK

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Recently, a lot of customers consulted this product--Gibberellic Acid A4/7

As a plant growth regulator, What is the effect of GA4/7? 

1.To promote the fruiting rate or the formation of seedless fruit;

2.To promote the growth of vegetative vegetative plants of leafy vegetables;

3.To break the dormancy of plant seeds and promote seed development;

4.Delay the aging of fruit, play the role of preservation;

5.Change the proportion of female and male flowers and influence flowering time;

6.When used for hybrid rice seed production, it can adjust the flowering period, promote the ear of the parents, increase the number of effective panicles and the number of grains, and obviously increase the seed yield. 

On Mar. 22nd, 2018, I have delivered 4 bags samples to Brazil by EMS from PANPAN INDUSTRY . (Packaging as below)

If you have any questions about Gibberellic Acid A4/7, you can inquiry us at any time .

Contact: Coco Hu



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