Delivery Fresh Keeping Agent 1-MCP To Vietnam

- Dec 05, 2018 -

On December 4th, 2018. We have delivered 100grams 1-MCP 3.5%WP to Vietnam customer from panpan industry co,. ltd.

1-mcp  keep fresh for fruit.webp

About 1-MCP:

“Fresh Doctor” 1-MCP preservative, the effective ingredients of "Fresh Dr." is gas 1-MCP, whose excellent function has been proved as be most prominent in rescent years'research. 1-MCP is used as ethylene-sensitive Fruit, vegetable and flowers antistaling agent. It not only can significantly reduce the respiration of fruit and vegetables, flowers ,but also keep the product hardness, brittleness, color, flavor, aroma and nutrients, so 1-MCP can delay ripening and senescence, Meanwhile it also can effectively enhance the disease resistance, reduce the decay and alleviate the physiological diseases.The appearance of 1-MCP is regarded as a revolution in the field of preservation in the world. Our company is the only owner of the patent of 1-MCP.



If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

Contact person: Cherry Zhang


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