Delivery Bromadiolone Rat Poison Liquid To Cameroon

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Cameroon customer has ordered 20L bromadiolone 0.5% liquid in Jan. After he received and tested that the goods worked very well, he ordered 100 liters in April.

In future, the product demand will be bigger and bigger.


Use Instruction

(1) Grain Rat Poison Bait

Firstly mix 1liter of bromadiolone liquid with 6-8 liters of water, then mix 100kg dry grain (rice, wheat or cracked corn )

(2) Unhusked Rice Rat poison Bait

Firstly mix 1.6 liters of bromadiolone liquid with 30-40 liters of hot water, then mix 100 kg unhusked rice. Preserve heat, soak the unhusked rice and keep stirring (mix some appropriate ethanol) until the rice finish absorbing liquid. Then pick up and dry the rice.

(3) Rat Poison solution

Mix 1liter of bromadiolone liquid with 49 liters of water to make poison water. This can be used in grain warehouse.


If had any further questions about Albendazole, please inquiry us.


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bromadiolone 0.5% liquid

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