Delivery 5KG Thidiazuron 50%WP To Korea

- Oct 17, 2018 -

One Korea customer ordered 5KG thidiazuron 50%WP at 16th October, 2018. The goods has been sent to him by EMS. Here is some photos of packages.


Here is brief introduction of thidiazuron 

Thidiazuron is used as a defoliant for cotton. After being absorbed, it can promote natural separate organization between leaf and stem, thus it is a good defoliant.

There are two formulations of thidiazuron. One isthidiazuron 98%TC and another one is thidiazuron 50%WP. If you have any interests about it, pls contact me freely.


Here is my some contact informations


 thidiazuron tdz

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