Delivery 5kg Forchlorfenuron CPPU To Thailand

- Jan 22, 2019 -

One of our Thai customers ordered 5kg Forchlorfenuron CPPU KT-30 on Jan. 20. Goods has been sent out.

Here is some information of Forchlorfenuron CPPU KT-30.

 Forchlorfenuron CPPU

Effect of Forchlorfenuron CPPU KT-30:

1.Forchlorfenuron CPPU KT-30 can be made into a separate oil agent because it is a new type of high-efficiency plant growth regulator. Forchlorfenuron CPPU KT-30 can be made into soluble powder. The dip, smear or foliar spray can make the fruit expand rapidly, and the expansion rate is generally about 60%.

2. Compound use of Forchlorfenuron CPPU KT-30 in recent years, commonly compound components of Forchlorfenuron CPPU KT-30 +gibberellic acid + vitamin Fe +amino acid + indolebutyric acid promote seedling growth and fruit expansion to promote fruit set, increase yield and swell to promote body bud germination promotes it grow stronger.



1. The concentration can not be increased arbitrarily, otherwise it will be prone to bitterness, hollowness, and deformed fruit.

2. Can not be applied repeatedly.


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