Delivery 3KG CPPU 99%TC And 2KG Atonik 98%TC To Peru

- Sep 30, 2018 -

One Peru’s client ordered 3KG CPPU 99%TC and 2KG Atonik at 29th September 2018. The goods has been sent to him by Fedex.


Here is brief introduction for CPPU and Atonik

1.About CPPU, We have 99%TC and 1%SP. It is widely used in agriculture, horticulture and fruit. It can promote cell division and expansion, enlarge fruit, increase crop yield, etc.

2.Atonik, also known as fertility hormone, sodium nitrophenolate, and so on.It is a substance composed of three or more mixed formulations, as a single nitrification guaiacol sodium.


If you have any interests about Atonik and CPPU, Pls contact me freely.

Here is my some contact informations


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