Delivery 25 Kg CPPU Forchlorfenuron To Italy

- Feb 28, 2019 -

One of our Italian customers ordered 25kg CPPU Forchlorfenuron on Feb. 08. Goods has been sent out.


Here is some information of CPPU Forchlorfenuron KT-30.

Characteristics of CPPU Forchlorfenuron KT-30:

1. CPPU Forchlorfenuron can enlarge the fruit size and improve quality.

2. CPPU Forchlorfenuron can improve fruit-setting and improve yield.

3. CPPU Forchlorfenuron delays leaf aging, kepp vegetable fresh

4.  CPPU Forchlorfenuron can promote callus growth



1. The concentration can not be increased arbitrarily, otherwise it will be prone to bitterness, hollowness, and deformed fruit.

2. When using CPPU Forchlorfenuron, please keep a proper quantity to keep nutrients enough for fruit growing. Dont leave too much fruits.

3. Can not be applied repeatedly. But if raining in 12 hours after using CPPU Forchlorfenuron, please use it again.


Any interests on this product, please feel free to contact us.


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