Delivery 1KG Triacontanol 1.5%EP To UK

- Jan 29, 2019 -

One British customer ordered 1KG triacontanol 1.5%EP at 28th January 2019. The goods has been sent to him by EMS. Here is some photos of packages.


Here is brief introduction of triacontanol 1.5%EP

Triacontanol (TRIA) is a natural plant growth regulator found in epicuticular waxes. It is used to enhance the crop production in millions of hectares, particularly in Asia

There are two formulations of Triacontanol. One is triacontanol 90%TC and another one is triacontanol 1.5%EP. If you have any interests about it, pls contact me freely.


Here is my some contact informations

E-mail: agrochemical@pandustry.com


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