Delivery 1KG Prohexadione Calcium 95%TC To Greece

- Dec 14, 2018 -

One Greece client ordered 1KG Prohexadione Calcium 95%TC at 13th December 2018. The goods has been sent to him by Belgian Parcel .

 Here is brief introduction for Prohexadione Calcium

About prohexadione calcium, we have 95%TC, 10%WDG and 15%WP.

Recommend dosage: Prohexadione calcium 15-45 g/hectare

Being effective within 3 days, obiviously reduce plant height, shorten internode height, increase lodging capacity, meanwhile it promote ear or fruit growth to increase yielding.

 Prohexadione calcium 95%TC

If you have any interests about it, pls contact me freely. Then we are willing to share more with you.


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