Delivery 100 Grams 1-MCP 3.5%WP To India

- Jul 18, 2018 -

One Indian client ordered 100Grams 1-MCP at 2th July 2018. The goods has been sent to him by Fedex. Here is some photos of package.


Here is brief introduction of 1-MCP 3.5%WP

It can extend the postharvest storage and shelf life effectively, especially for such fruits, vegetables, and flowers which are sensitive to ethylene. 1-MCP gas can inhibit ethylene. There are two formulations for 1-MCP. One is 1-MCP 3.5%WP and another one is 1-MCP Sachet. i.e. 1-MCP 0.035%. If you have any interests, pls contact me freely.

Here is my some contact informations



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