Deliver 1-mcp 3.5%wp To Poland

- Jan 25, 2019 -

Our Polish customer ordered 5KG 1-mcp 3.5%wp from our company PANPAN INDUSTRY on 14th,Aug, we have delivered our product to our TNT express, In Poland, 1-mcp is very hot, now it is peak season, we give our customer big discount, because he ordered for 5kg 3.5%wp 1-mcp, as for quality we could guarantee it, the customer purchased it for four years.


The package is 5g/sachet * 100 sachets/bag,5 bags / large bag, 2 large bags

Total 5kg.

1-mcp 3.5%wp


Tel: 0086-371-60383117

Cellphone: 0086-13603998284


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