Insect Growth Regulator Feed Additives Fly Control Cyromazine

Insect Growth Regulator Feed Additives Fly Control Cyromazine

Cyromazine is a unique insect growth regulator, which can effectively prevent the larvae from developing into a pupa, and because its active ingredients which is extinct to flies and other harmful insects are highly selective, it will not pose any threat to beneficial insects. It is applicable to a variety of flies breeding animal control, and can be used as feed additives. in addition, it has quick effect, safe to use, and has non-toxic side effects, non-residual, and non-polluting to the environment. What’s more, it may be more effective when using without cross with other drugs (by 100% of active ingredient).

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Product Details

Insect growth regulator feed additives fly control Cyromazine 

CAS NO. : 66215-27-8

Chemical name: N-cycloropyl-1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine


Physical Chemical Properties

Appearance:White crystalline solid

Melting Point: m.p:220-222°C,V.P.>0.13mPa(20°C), d20:1.35g/cm3.

Solubility (20°C):in water 11000mg/L(PH7.5),Slightly soluble in methanol.

Stability:Stable at the temperature below 310°C,

no remarkable hydrolysis at PH 5-9, no hydrolysis below 70°C for 28 days.



Acute oral LD50(rat): 3387mg/kg Dermal LD50(rat)≥3100mg/kg



Cyromazine insect growth regulator for controlling of dipterous dipterousleafminers in vegetable crops, ornamentals, as well as for flash green-fly on sheep skin.


Specification 98%TC, 70%SP, 75%WP




Colorless crystal

Water, w/w


Alkalinity(calculated as NaOH, w/w)


Material insoluble in acetone ,w/w




Content (HPLC)



Cyromazine 98%TC

Package: 25kg/drum

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