What are the Differences Between Mepiquat Chloride and Chlormequat Chloride?

- Jun 21, 2018 -

Mepiquat chloride is a synthetic plant endogenous hormone, which is an inhibitor. Chlormequat chloride is a chemically synthesized antagonist of gibberellin. Both of them are plant growth regulator. Through more than 20 years of comparative practice, there are the following differences:

1. After the spraying of Chlormequat, the plants have irreversibility. After misuse or excessive use, the effect cannot be eliminated. After the misuse or overuse of mepiquat, with the use of  gibberellin to relieve or heavy water or increasing the fertility, the plant can resume normal growth.

2. The use of Chlormequat on cotton will cause the leaves to be brittle, stiff, and easily damaged, and the bolls peel will be thickened. It can affect the later natural growth, cause harvesting difficulties and the formation of premature aging, and decrease quality. Mepiquat chloride is different. one of the chlorine atoms inhibits stem elongation, the other chlorine atom to promote reproductive growth, thereby increasing the boll weight, improve Quality. after the 90's, all the cotton seeds were produced with the use of mepiquat chloride.

3, the use of mepiquat chloride in cotton can inhibit the elongation of stems and leaves above ground, while promoting root growth. field tests showed that compared with the control group, the number of lateral roots increased 4.8 pieces, root length increased 1.32cm, fresh root Increasing the weight by 0.11g, which are very favorable for the growth and development of the plants. Especially when used at the flowering stage, the axillary buds growthing can be inhibited. The correct use of mepiquat chloride can avoid artificial topping.

4. Chlormequat toxicity: Percutaneous LD50>1250 mg/kg in mice, mepiquat toxicity: Percutaneous LD50>10000 mg/kg in mice, toxicity of chlormequat compared to mepiquat is larger 8 times, which is not conducive to the normal breeding of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms.





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