Use of gibberellic acid

- Jul 30, 2017 -

1. To promote the formation of fruit or seedless fruit cucumber flowering period with 50-100mg / kg liquid spray 1 times to promote fruit, increase production. 7-10 days after the flowering of grapes, rose grapes with 200-500mg / kg liquid spray ear 1 times, to promote the formation of seedless fruit.

2. to promote the growth of vegetative celery 2 weeks before harvest with 50-100mg / kg liquid spray leaf 1; spinach 3 weeks before the harvest leaves 1-2 times, can increase the stem and leaf.

3. Breaking the dormancy to promote the germination of potato sowing with 0.5-1mg / kg liquid immersion tubing 30min; barley sowing with 1mg / kg liquid soaking, can promote germination.

4. Anti-aging and freshness of the role of garlic with 50mg / kg liquid immersion moss base 10-30min, citrus green fruit with 5-15mg / kg liquid spray fruit 1, banana harvest with 10mg / kg liquid immersion fruit , Cucumber, watermelon before harvest with 10-50mg / kg liquid spray melon, can play a role in preservation.

5. Adjust the flowering chrysanthemum vernalization stage with 1000mg / kg liquid spray, cyclamen to buds with 1-5mg / kg liquid spray buds can promote flowering.

6. To improve the seed setting rate of hybrid rice seed production generally in the female parent 15% of the heading start to 25% of the end of heading with 25-55mg / kg liquid spray treatment 1-3 times. First with low concentrations, followed by high concentrations.

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