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- Apr 24, 2018 -

During the aquaculture production process, have you considered the problem of water temperature when drinking animals? After dissolving veterinary drug products with hot water and then drinking water for livestock and poultry, does it affect the problem of drug efficacy? Especially in the hot summer months, the ground temperature is as high as eighty-nine degrees. The temperature of the river is so high that people can't stand the hot water when swimming! If you can't avoid using high-temperature water to dissolve animal drugs for animals’ drink, will the impact not affect drug efficacy?


Antibacterial drugs

Ampicillin, amoxicillin and other oral penicillin drugs, they are unstable in heat, and easy to form high molecular polymer in water. Not only will they fail due to rapid drug degradation, but they will also cause some unexpected adverse reactions. Therefore, when livestock and poultry are clinically given these drugs, in order to ensure the effectiveness and safety of use, when controlling the water temperature when thickening and diluting the drug solution, it is best to dissolve or dilute the solution at or below 25°C in cool water. Also, after the liquid is prepared and dissolved completely, do not leave it for too long. It is best to immediately drink to livestock and poultry.



The properties of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin C are not stable. The former two are easily decomposed by heat and lose their efficacy, while the latter are easily destroyed by heat. In particular, some veterinary drug manufacturers' "Vitamin C-soluble powder" preparations do not have any research on the added excipients. After adding water, vitamin C may interact with excipients and cause vitamin C to lose its effectiveness. For example, vitamin C is more susceptible to deterioration when it encounters light, heat, oxidants, metals (iron, copper) in alkaline solutions. To ensure the stability of the vitamin C soluble powder in water, do not use water with too high a water temperature when administering concentrated and diluted drinking water.


Live vaccine

For example, live swine fever vaccines, live rabies vaccines, live NDV vaccines, Newcastle disease virus-infectious bronchitis combined live vaccines, live bacillus infectious bursal disease vaccines, live fowlpox vaccines, live Marek’s disease vaccines, Live bacillus infectious bronchitis vaccines and duck quail live vaccines, etc., its titer susceptible to temperature inactivation, can not produce antibodies in livestock and poultry animals, resulting in immune failure (invalid) after use (invalid).



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