US California confirms glyphosate products do not need to label carcinogenic warning labels

- Jul 30, 2018 -

The judge of California ruled that glyphosate products do not need to label the carcinogenic warning.

The local court of Eastern California, in support of major agricultural groups in the United States, has issued a temporary ban to suspend the implementation of the California act sixty-fifth act requiring the implementation of glyphosate to make cancer warning labels

The judge said: It is misleading to mark glyphosate as a carcinogen only according to the results of a single agency, IRAC, the International Cancer Research Institute, and the agency only claims that the substance could be carcinogenic. The US Environmental Protection Agency, including regulators and government agencies, has come to the opposite conclusion after investigation.

Although the state attorney general has shown other evidence of the carcinogenesis of glyphosate, the judge still ruled that the chemical was safe. "A lot of evidence suggests that glyphosate is not carcinogenic."

The National Wheat Growers Association, which includes a large number of agricultural organizations and companies, is trying to defend glyphosate.

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