The Role of Plant Growth Regulators in Sorghum

- Mar 20, 2018 -

During the growth period of sorghum, spraying some plant growth regulators timely can regulate the relationship between vegetative growth and reproductive growth, promote the absorption and operation of nitrogen and phosphorus, prevent lodging and early blooming, speed up the filling rate, improve precociousness and increase yield .

1. Promote the growth of Sorghum by seed treatment

(1) Gibberellin: Soaking seeds with gibberellin 5-10mg/L can promote germination, stimulate the elongation of the hypocotyl and increase dry weight, obviously increase the emergence early. It is very effective to use Gibberellin to soaking seed to accelerate the emergence of seedlings under the condition of deep overlying soil. When the sowing depth was 15cm, the number of emergences that were treated more than the control was several-fold.The rhizome of sorghum is an important part to regulate the unearthed ability of seedlings, and gibberellin is very sensitive to the promotion of rhizome growth. After soaking the sorghum seeds with 10 mg/L gibberellic acid solution, the root elongation can be stimulated, which is 1.2 cm longer than that of the control, and the emergence rate and fresh weight of the seedlings also increase greatly after treatment.

(2) Chlormequat: CCC 25-100mg/L with 24 h treatment can postponed the emergence, delay growth and dwarf plants, which increasing production.

(3) Abscisic acid: with 2.5-10mg/L abscisic acid soaking 24h, can be postponed emergence, delayed growth and strong seedlings, which play a role in increasing production.

(4) Indole acetic acid: 0.1-1.0 mg/L IAA with 12-120 min can increase the yield of sorghum production. Or soaking with 25mg/L IAA for 25 min can increase plant weight and leaf area, seed number and 1000 grain weight.

2. Prevent lodging and increase production

(1) Ethephon: sorghum after the emergence of 40-45d, with 250 mg/L ethephon liquid in the leaf, spraying liquid 20kg per 667m², internodes can be shortened, plant height decreased by about 20cm, and enhance lodging resistance. Under the condition of 10,000 plants per 667m², the number of small and 1000-grain weight increased, the plant became shorter, improve the uniformity and anti fall rate and reduce the empty tree.

(2) Triacontanol: At the flowering stage, sprayed with petroleum aids 1000mg/L, triacontanol 1mg/L on the upper plant, which had good effects on promoting physiological activity of functional leaves, accelerating grouting and preventing premature senility.


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