What should you pay attention to when using anti-parasite drugs?

- Jan 16, 2018 -

(a) Drug users should have a certain degree of anti-parasitic disease knowledge: Drug users should understand and master the classifications, formulation, physical and chemical properties, dosage, withdrawal period, application and toxicity in order to select appropriate drugs.


(b) The drug users to correctly grasp the field, the local poultry parasitic disease occurrence law: Must fully understand and master the field, the region, the species of domestic parasites, the extent of invasion, the epidemic season, and so on, to facilitate scientific arrangements in the optimal period of insect repellent.


(c) Use of the best way to drive the worm: Select insect repellent methods according to the different parasitic diseases, the size of chicken flocks and poultry. In the dosing of mixed-feed and mixed-drink, a small quantity of poultry should be tested in advance to confirm the safety. The mixed feed of drug should be stirred evenly. The water supply should be fully dissolved and evenly stirred.


(d) Use of intestinal repellents should not be used to prevent the use of oily laxatives, in order to accelerate the dissolution and absorption of drugs, thereby causing poisoning.


(e) When using oral drug repellents, the poultry group should be allowed to fast for 12-24 hours before the drug is administered in order to allow each poultry to ingest an effective dose and greatly improve overall effectiveness.


(f) Regular or irregular rotation of the use of anti-parasite drugs to reduce or delay the parasite's resistance to drugs.


(g) Should attach great importance to drug residues: poultry should not be used when the use of organic chlorine, such as high toxicity, high residual anti-parasite drugs. When the chicken uses levamisole to drive the insect, its meat, the egg use after 7 days to be edible; If the use of benzimidazole insecticide, chicken drugs for 1 months before they can be eaten. No matter what kind of parasite drugs are used, the residue of the drug should be carefully recorded and no poultry products are allowed to be sold or eaten during the safe period.



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