The Risk of Florfenicol in Eggs

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Florfenicol is an animal-specific antibacterial drug, which is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. Florfenicol is mainly used for the bacterial diseases of pigs, chickens and fish caused by sensitive bacteria, especially for respiratory infections and intestinal infections. However, laying hens prohibit the use of florfenicol. Since it has been successfully researched, Florfenicol has been widely used in Japan, the United States, Europe and so on.


According to the maximum residue limit Veterinary drugs in animal foods, Florfenicol—as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial drugs—can be used for pigs, cattle, sheep, poultry, fish and other livestock. Florfenicol is generally accumulated in livestock and poultry by dietary supplementation or poultry disease treatment. Particularly, Florfenicol has an anti-inflammatory effect on the reproductive system of chickens, but at the same time mildly inhibits the production of reproductive hormones, resulting in the death of early embryos in eggs. Therefore, florfenicol can be detected in chicken, skin, grease, liver and kidney, but can not be detected in eggs. Relevant laws and regulations in the United States, florfenicol can be used for pigs, cattle, fish; the EU allowed only for fish.


The ADI value of florfenicol (average daily allowable intake) is 0 ~ 3 μg / kg (body weight) / day. For 60 kg body weight, adults daily intake of 0 ~ 180μg florfenicol diet from no health hazards. Under normal circumstances, consumers do not have too much concern about the detection of florfenicol in eggs, but long-term consumption of florfenicol residues exceeding the standard of eggs, there is a certain risk to human health.


The source of florfenicol detected in eggs may be the addition of fodder to enterprises or the treatment of poultry diseases, with the residual florfenicol residues accumulated in the poultry and consequently in the egg product.


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