The magical effect of penicillin, amoxicillin and cephalosporin in pig farms

- May 09, 2018 -

It is not easy to raise pigs on pig farms, but the key point is whether the pigs are sick or not. It is inevitable that pigs get sick and can only try to reduce losses. Today, I will give you some experience on the use of penicillin and amoxicillin cephalosporins in pig farms.


1. The three antibiotics, the most targeted penicillin, followed by the other; targeted, such as streptococcus, pig erysipelas and other diseases may be faster to use penicillin, while the use of cephalosporins is more expensive, because the targeted will be relatively weak .

2. But the treatment surface, the more widely the future, so the time of prevention, do not know the specific disease when the latter has a greater advantage; for example, when we encounter mixed respiratory tract, cephalosporins to be better than penicillin; preventive aspects, such as the prevention of respiratory diseases such as cephalosporin, and the use of nets, are widely used for prevention. Another, such as dermatitis caused by the ring, the use of cephalosporins Huangpi, cephalosporins and can not kill the circovirus, so it is also played a preventive role; the postpartum inflammation of sows belongs to more cephalosporins. Of course, penicillin works well.

3. The use of penicillin, then pay attention to the use of skills, the best day to play 2 times, but also to give enough dose; because of penicillin metabolism in the body faster; for example, sow anti-inflammatory or erysipelas is best to play 2 times a day, but the cephalosporins 1 time on the line.

4. The use of drug resistance, individual situations and farms, a disease may be resistant to penicillin, the effect is not good this time the best use of cephalosporins, do not spend money.

5. The price problem, when the prevention of cephalosporins is indeed a wide range, but the price is also expensive, so in the prevention of the above two people weigh, but cephalosporin infusion and spices are more aspects; penicillin potassium can not be infusion, spices is inconvenient.


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