The Application of triacontanol

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Promote Germination and increase the rate of Germination

1. Wheat

Pls use solution(0.2-0.5mg/L) to soak seed for 4-12 hours before planting. Then it can increase the rate of germination.

2. Cabbage

Pls use solution(0.05mg/L) to soak the seed for 5 hours. It can increase the rate of germination effectively.

3. Soybean

Pls use solution(0.05mg/L) to soak the seed , it can increase the rate of germination and the number of Single bean pods.

Flower protection and improve fruit setting

1. Walnut

Pls start to foliar spraying with solution 0.5mg/L at the period of Walnut female flowers in full bloom and young fruit expansion,it can increase the fruit setting effectively. Meanwhile, it also can improve the weight of signal fruit and increase yield a lot.

2. Hawthorn Tree

Pls start to foliar spraying with solution 0.1-0.2mg/L at the period of flowering. The rate of fruit setting can reach 30.2% and the the rate of increase yield can reach 36.6.

It can increase the Resistance and promote the growth

1. Betel nut

Pls spray it at the Seedling stage, it can promote the root,stem,leaf growth.

2. Cucumber

Pls soak the seed with solution(1mg/L). It can promote germination and increase the resistance.

Increase the yield and improve the quality of crops


Pls spray it with solution(0.4-0.6mg/L) at the Booting stage and Flowering period, It can full wheat grain and increase the yield.

2.Sweet potato

Pls start to foliar spraying with solution(0.5-1.0mg/L) at the period of Tuber enlargement.

3. Oranges

Pls start to foliar spraying at the period flowering.It can improve the Coloring degree and increase the yield.

Triacontanol also can be used on many other crops(Such as peanut,rice, tomato,mushroom and others). For more details, pls contact me freely.


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