The Application of S-ABA in Grape

- Jun 07, 2018 -

S-ABA is also known as abscisic acid. Is an efficient plant growth regulator, and auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin, ethephon and is recognized as the world's five major natural plant growth regulators. It can not only improve the drought resistance, cold resistance, salt and alkali resistance and disease resistance of plants, but also can significantly increase the yield and quality of crops. It is the most active and powerful plant growth regulator.


Plant "growth balance factor"

S-ABA is a key factor that balances the endogenous hormones of plants and the metabolism of related growth active substances. It has the ability to promote balanced plant absorption of water, fertilizer, and coordination of metabolism in the body. It can effectively regulate root/crown and vegetative and reproductive growth of plants, and plays an important role in improving the quality and yield of crops.


Plant's "Resistance Inducing Factors"

S-ABA is a "first messenger" that initiates the expression of stress-resistance genes in plants, and can effectively activate the plant's in vivo immune system. It has the ability to cultivate the source and strengthen the plant's comprehensive resistance (drought resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, pest resistance, salt and alkali resistance, etc.). It plays an important role in the drought-reducing and water-saving, disaster-reducing and guaranteed production of agricultural production and the restoration of the ecological environment.


Green products

S-aba is a pure natural product that all green plants contain. This product is a high-purity, high-growth activity obtained by microbial fermentation; it is non-toxic and non-irritating to humans and animals. Is a new type of high-efficiency, natural green plant growth active material.


Gibberellins, ethephons, etc. have specific effects in one aspect, either increase production or increase germination and flowering rate, which can only play a single role. And often more flowering, but the fruit is worse, there will be some side effects. If a small amount of S-ABA hormone is added during use, it not only doubles the effect, but also effectively alleviates the side effects of the general plant growth regulators, that is, effectively reduces the residue of the pesticide and enhances the resistance of the crop.


Effect of S-aba on Grapes

First, promote slightly green, promote flowering, improve the rate of achievement, stop physiological fruit drop, speed up the fruit expansion without cracking fruit, while making the appearance of agricultural products more luster, more vivid colors, resistant storage, beautify the fruit shape Commerciality.

Second, significantly improve quality:it can greatly increase the crop's vitamin, protein, sugar content.

Third, improve the stress resistance of fruit trees: after spraying can prevent the spread of major diseases, improve the ability of drought resistance and overwintering, and promote flower bud differentiation, resistance to pest damage, and the impact of pesticide residue removal.

Fourth, increase production up to 30%, mentioning the city for about 15 days.


Grape varieties vary in size, seeds and seeds, bright red, white, and translucent. Different varieties also have different tastes and values. Therefore, some grape varieties need to use fruit enlargement products. Market research shows that most of the grapes are used to inflate some pesticides. The residue of pesticides is very serious. Although it has a very good effect of swelling, It also caused side effects. This has become another major problem for grape growers. However, the emergence of S-ABA has broken this dilemma.


The use of sorghum and S-aba, a special fruit for grapes, brings a gospel.

Using both of them will better serve the grape, improve the side effects produced by single use of the bulking agent, better preserve the flowers and fruits, improve the fruit quality, even fruit, avoid some grapes do not want to color as long as the set fruit enlargement, The phenomenon that the handle is easy to harden eliminates the manpower and material resources required for bagging, increases the output and raises the morning market, and improves the stress resistance of the fruit tree, especially the secondary fruit setting of the grape.


Specific use of S-ABA, rational use of better product quality

a. For cuttings: Immerse the plant with 500-fold diluted S-Murine for about 20 minutes to promote root growth.

b. Dormancy period: Immerse roots with 3000-fold dilution of plant-derived S-ABA to promote new root growth, break dormancy, and prevent droughts and cold disasters. Mix up with cell division products and increase plant killing and the ability to prevent disease.

C. Leaflet extraction: 3-4 leaves are planted with 1500-times S-ABA and sprayed at intervals of 15 days for two consecutive days to promote plant nutrient absorption, enhance plant growth, and regulate flowering. , To avoid the formation of late grain size, improve plant resistance to disease, cold resistance, drought resistance and salt-resistant ability.

d. Inflorescence separation period: When 5-8 cm of the slides are used, spraying or soaking the spikes with 400-fold liquid of S-ABA can effectively lengthen the inflorescence, create a good sequence, and avoid long inflorescences. The curling significantly increases the rate of fruit set.

e. Fruit enlargement period: When young fruits of bean size are formed after deferred flowering, spray with a 300-times S-ABA attracting or soaking the ear, when the fruit reaches 10-12 mm with a soybean grain size Apply once more. It can effectively promote fruit enlargement, reduce cob axis hardness, facilitate storage and transportation, and avoid the common problems such as fruit drop caused by conventional treatment, hardened fruit stems, thickened fruit pods, severe uneven size, delayed ripening and so on.

f. Coloring period: When the fruit is freshly colored, spray the fruit with the 100-fold liquid of S-aba, which can be colored, matured, brought to the market in advance, reduce acidity, improve fruit quality, and increase market value.

g. After fruit picking: spray 1,000 times of the whole plant with S-ABA to the plant for two days at intervals of 10 days to increase plant nutrient accumulation, restore tree vigor, and promote flower bud differentiation.


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