The Application of Plant Growth Regulator for Watermelon

- Mar 30, 2018 -

1.Ccultivation of sound seedling

3-Indolebutyric Acid (IBA) The seedling of watermelon is the base of high yield.Robust seedling appearance of cotyledon and true leave should be large and thick, the color should be green luster, and the height should not be more than 5 cm, root developed,there should be some pastel and wax powders at the leaf, floral organ differentiation developed normally, no plant diseases and insect pests.

The main effect of 3-Indolebutyric Acid (IBA) is to promote rooting.The suitable concentration can promote the early germination of watermelon, which will promote the seedling robustness, increase the yield and improve the breed.

Using 3-Indolebutyric Acid (IBA) at three days before the seedlings are transplanted. Compound preparation irrigates root, seedling,make leaf spraying, all of these could  promote long, strong seedling effect.

Triacontanol. Soaking watermelon seeds with an appropriate triacontanol can improve the germination rate and seedling quality, and spray it once more in the seedling process.

Paclobutrazol. This growth retardant can inhibit the plant internodes and the elongation of the petiole and the expansion of the blade, so that can control the plant growth and play the role of making seedling strong. 

Brassinolide  This product could help the fruit make cell division, and promote the growth of it.

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2. Promote the preservative of fruit

6-benzylaminopurine 6-ba It has a long history to promote the fruit of the melon plant, and it can effectively promote the preservation of fruit.

Na-NAA soak or spray flowers with the appropriate concentration of naphthalene at the flower period of watermelon, which can promote the fruit to form a seedless watermelon before fertilization.

3. Promote fruit enlargement.

Ethychlozate. While watermelon grows to 0.25- 0.5 kg, applying Ethychlozate spraying the melon, sugar increased by 10% - 10%, sugar contents between center and gradient is smaller, at the same time per area  yield is about 10% higher.

Gibberellic Acid A3 or A4+7 Cell division series could promote the formation of chlorophyll and increase the synthesis of proteins, improve the photosynthesis and resilience of plants. 

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4. Increase sugar content

Glyphosate. The sugar content of watermelon can be improved obviously by spraying the plant with suitable concentration of glyphosate. This is because the two regulators can inhibit the activity of some kind of enzyme and increase the content of sucrose.

5. Prevent runt seedlings

When the watermelon runt seedlings, sometimes the seedlings are not grow any more. There are many causes of runt seedlings, such as insufficient water supply, soil drought or poor ventilation, and excessive fertilizer application is still a problem.In addition to the solution from cultivation methods, plant growth regulators can also be used to promote growth.

Gibberellic Acid   In the early precocious cultivation of watermelon, due to the adverse factors such as the changeable environment and the root of the graft, it is easy to cause the watermelon to runt seedlings and the plant growth is slow.After spraying with gibberellin, it can obviously promote the growth of the root and stem leaves of the seedling, showing the elongation of the internodes, the increase of the leaves, the decrease of chlorophyll content in the unit area, and the shallowness of the leaves.

It should be pointed out that the gibberellin, cell kinetin, auxin composite applications, than use effect is superior, but their combination ratio, the design to achieve the best practical effect, to do a lot of screening. due to different melons its ratio is different. The growth retardant and growth inhibitor were paired with naa iaa gibberellin and 6-ba.  The results not only promoted the effect of fruit swelling, but also improved the quality of melon and fruit.

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