The Application of plant growth regulator

- May 02, 2018 -

According to many years of production practice, the author summarizes the technical points for the use of commonly used plant growth regulators and introduces them to a wide range of readers. 

1. Auxon plant growth regulators that inhibit gibberellin synthesis and cell elongation in plants, leaving plants robust and stout. Used for seed stirring and seedling spraying of crops such as wheat, corn, cotton, soybeans, etc., with 25% solution with water for 1 to 6ml and the water mixed into trhe solution is 50kg. Strengthen field management after use.

Pay attention to lack of water, lack of fertilizer, weak seedling field should not be used.


2. Ethephon regulates plant growth, metabolism and development, has a ripening effect, c is used in tomato ripening, cotton peach cracking, cucumber early opening female flowers. 4000 times liquid for Melon and Fruits with 40% water to spray on leaf in the period of early growth stage. For cotton, spray the ethephon solution in the 20 days before frost. For tomato, spray with 800 times liquid in ginkgo.

 Be careful not to mix with basic drugs


3. 24D 2,4-D can prevent plants from falling, promote rapid expansion, and prevent cabbage from falling. Preparations include tablets, powders, and solution,It is used when the tomato is in the flowering stage with a concentration of 15-20 Ppm.And in the late growth period, the cabbage and the leek are sprayed with 50-100 ppm.

Pay attention to that 2,4-D is sensitive to many kinds of foods. It must be strictly controlled when using it.


Don't give too much to say too much, so let's explain it with examples. Taking the spinach as an example.

1. Gibberellin improves quality

The use method: In spinach 5-6 leaf stage, spray with 20-30PPM gibberellin solution, 7 days before spraying again.

Use effect: It can make spinach leaves thick green, quality improvement.


2. Triacontanol increases spinach production

The use method: Spray 0.5PPM triacontanol solution on the spinach at the seedling stage and  50L per mu.

Effect: It can increase the yield and quality of spinach, generally increasing the production rate by more than 10%.


3. Brassinolide increases yield

The use method: 100PPM brassinolide, sprayed on 3-5 leaves of spinach.

Use effect: Treated spinach leaves are hypertrophic and thick, tender and produce more than 20%.

The Product Display

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The related plant growth regulator as follows:

1. Promote growth series: Sodium nitrophenolate, DA-6, sodium a-naphthylacetate, 5-nitroguaiacol sodium, triacontanol

2. Promote root series: Soluble rooting powder, compound fertilizer synergist; indole butyric acid(IBA), potassium butyrate(IBA-K)

3. Cell division series: 6-Benzylamino adenine (6-BA), Clopidogrel (KT-30), Thidiazuron, Isopentenyl adenine

4. Control overgrowth series: chlormequat chloride ccc, acetaminophen, paclobutrazol; anti-dropping agent


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