Several Questions about the Use of Ethephon(1)

- Aug 20, 2018 -

1.Why Ethephon should be combined with cultivation measures?

Although the growth of crops is governed by the regulation of plant hormones, growth regulators can solve some problems that are difficult to solve with conventional cultivation measures during the growth of crops. However, it must be pointed out that the comprehensive application of agricultural technical measures is the key to the robust growth of crops and the attainment of high yield and quality. If you do not have enough nutrients such as fertilizer, water, light, etc., it is difficult to receive good results when you resort to plant growth regulators. Practice has proved this.

For example, cucumber, ladle gourd, pumpkin and so on, after spraying ethephon at seedling stage, the number of early melons increased greatly because of changing the sex of flowers, which requires more nutrients to supply them, so as to significantly increase early and total yield and improve economic benefits. If the nutrient conditions such as fertilizer and water can not be met, it will cause lack of stamina and premature senescence, increase the early yield but total yield does not increase, and even the appearance of malformed melon and reduce the quality.

Another example is the post-season rice seedlings sprayed with ethephon, which can cultivate short and strong glutinous rice, and it is very popular, but it should be noted that the density of rice seedling bed can not be too high, otherwise it will easily reduce the quality of seedlings, and severely reduce the number of grains per panicle. , affecting production.

2. Why should we pay attention to the acidity of ethephon solution? How to adjust?

Because ethephone is widely used in agriculture, the concentration of ethephone used in different crops varies greatly, so the acidity of ethephone solution is different.According to the characteristics of the ethephon solution to gradually decompose and release ethylene gas at a pH of more than 4, we have to check whether the acidity of the liquid exceeds the pH4 when the application is applied.If it is not exceeded, it is not necessary to adjust. If the pH value exceeds 4, acid should be added to adjust the pH to 4, otherwise the configured ethephon solution will not be absorbed by the plant and will start to decompose and release ethylene, which will inevitably reduce the efficacy.

Generally speaking, the concentration of the chemical solution is above 500ppm, the pH value does not need to be adjusted, if below500ppm, you need to test the pH value. If the pH value exceeds 4, adjustment is needed.

Since ethephon is an acidic substance, do not mix ethephon with an alkaline substance.

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