The Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Saffron

- Aug 04, 2018 -

Saffron, also known as Crocus sativus, zoflan, and povelan, belongs to the iris family perennial herb. In the past, many farmers have planted crocus, However, because of the lack of scientific management, the saffron bulbs are getting smaller and smaller, the flowers are getting less and less, the yield per mu is getting lower and lower, and most of them give up planting because they have no benefit. After more than ten years of planting experiments in Henan Agricultural University and related units, it is shown that can ensure high yield and stable yield of Crocus by scientific management, base fertilizer application, selection of bulbs more than 8g as seeds, smearing buds, proper application of hormones and increasing the planting amount of bulbs.


1. Increase Production

 Gibberellin. According to the experiment of Hangzhou Drug Research Institute, using 100mg/L gibberellin solution or 3000mg/L butylhydrazide solution to soaking seed balls, the yield of dry flower column can be increased by 25.96% and 36.4% respectively.

 B9. After processing with B9, not only can increase the yield of the pistil style, but also increase the flowering number of bulbs, and also benefit the rapid expansion of bulbs.

 CCC. After treatment with CCC, the saffron bulbs are increased and the storage is enhanced. The treatment method is to use the 200mg/L solution (formulated with 95%TC CCC), then spray the liquid evenly on the surface of the leaf in the evening(spray once every seven days to ten days), and can be treated for two to three times.

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