- May 15, 2018 -

Abstract:S-Abscisic acid is one of the top five plant hormones found in the world at present. Natural abscisic acid has a strong regulatory activity for plant growth, can greatly improve its yield and quality, and greatly enhance crops’ cold, drought and salinity tolerance, have a broad vision of application.

We produce natural active abscisic acid by microbial fermentation, in the production flow, Acetyl-Coenzyme A is added as a precursor for the production of abscisic acid, the biosurfactant Tween-20 is added to improve the dissolved oxygen state of the fermentation broth.


Step introduction:

1, Fungi which can produce natural abscisic acid are cultured in the first stage liquid medium;

2, The cultured first stage bacterial liquid was inoculated on the second stage liquid medium;

3, Add the nutrient in the third-stage liquid medium, also add Tween-20 and add acetyl-CoA to ferment;

4, Abscisic acid was collected from the fermentation broth.


We use the Botrytis strain (for example, Botrytis cinerea), especially the Botrytis cinerea genetically modified strain TBC-20, to produce abscisic acid. In the fermentation process, acetyl coenzyme A and Tween-20 were added to the fermentation system as precursors and surfactants respectively, which can effectively improve the yield of abscisic acid.


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