Plant Growth Regulators for Cotton

- Jun 22, 2018 -

For cotton, usually there are three kinds of plant growth regulators,

the first one is plant growth promoters, which can be used during seedling stage, early flowering stage.

Brassinolide 0.1%sp, dose 0.05-0.1 mg/kg

Foliar spraying at least 2 times during the whole season


Second one is plant growth retardant, which can retard the overgrowth and top advantages.

Mepiquat chloride 98%tc, dose 1.5-4.5g with 375-450kg of water during seedling state for one hectare

90-120g with 450-600kg of water during early flowering state for one hectare

120-150g with 600-750kg of water during full flowering state for one hectare

Foliar spraying at least 2 times during the whole season


The third one is defoliant fertilizer, which can promote the defoliation of cotton leaf. This product can be suitable for mechanical harvesting, and it can promote early harvest and promote cotton quality.

Thiadizuron 50%wp, the whole plant foliar spraying when 70% of the cotton bolls has been cracking.

Dose is 450-600 g per hectare




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