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 1.Prevent the physiological fruit drop of persimmon


Spraying 500mg/L or 100mg/L of gibberellin + 15mg/L of anti-fallin in the canopy from the flowering period to the fruit can not only improve the fruit setting rate, but also promote fruit enlargement.


Applying 100mg/L IBA to the top of the fruit or applying the smear during the young fruit period


Spraying 5~10mg/L2,4-D solution during the full bloom period.


Spray the female buds once three days before flowering.Spraying 0.1mg/L Brassinolide after two weeks.


2.Persimmon preservation


Choose 7 to 10 days before the fruit is fully mature,soaked in 100mg/L gibberellin solution for five to ten minutes, and stored in a 0.02-0.06mm polyethylene film bag to keep the fruit fresh for more than one month at room temperature.


3. Decolorization and ripening.


When the fruit is ripe, the fruit can be sprayed with Ethephon 500mg/L. The fruit can be completely yellow within ten days and soften and acerbic in fifteen days; then the mature fruit is removed and soaked in the 300~800mg/L Ethephon solution. After a few seconds, the fruit is taken out immediately and drying, and after three to five days, it can be listed on the market. However, there is a serious drawback in the soaking method, that is, the persimmon cover is easy to contact with the fruit, and the storage is poor.

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