Main points of application of plant growth regulators in vegetable production

- Jul 30, 2017 -

1, pay attention to the scope of application. Anti-falling element can be completely effective and eggplant vegetables dipped in flowers, but if sprayed in cucumber, green peppers, beans will make young tissue and leaves have serious injury, according to the use of the scope of application, can not arbitrarily expand Application scope.

2, pay attention to the application period and concentration. Ethephon applied in the cucumber, should be in the flower bud differentiation period, cucumber 2.5-4 slices of true leaf stage spraying, the use of concentration of more than 3000 times. If the cucumber seedling age, the application concentration is too high, it is easy to produce phytotoxicity.

3, pay attention to the use of methods. With the plant growth regulator dipped in flowers, not the whole flower immersed in the plant growth regulator liquid, but with the plant growth regulator liquid applied flower handle. If you do not pay attention to the use of the method, the flowers immersed in the liquid, it will produce phytotoxicity, and caused the spread of gray mold bacteria spread

4, pay attention to ambient temperature. Application of plant growth regulators should be carried out within a certain temperature range, high temperature application of low doses, low temperature application of high doses, or high temperature application of high doses, prone to phytotoxicity; and low temperature application of low doses, effect.

5, pay attention to the correct diagnosis. Misdiagnosis can cause blind use of plant growth regulators. Early spring due to low ground temperature, squatting seedlings for a long time, weak plant roots, cucumber, tomatoes prone to serious sting and retrograde phenomenon. At this point the farmers if the blind spray a large number of cloud-120 and Paul flowers, fruit plant growth regulator to stimulate plant growth, it will increase the quality of the top of the rhinoplasty.

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