How to use plant growth regulators on flowers

- Jul 30, 2017 -

Plant growth regulator, is a kind of (class) chemical synthesis of substances, the regulation of the role of plants, it can change the flowering plant growth and flowering process.

Methods of using plant growth regulators on flowers:

1, and some use of plant growth inhibitors destroy the top edge of ornamental plants, can increase the plant lateral branches, plant shape compact, root developed. Some use of growth inhibitors to inhibit the plant on the part of the vegetative growth, and thus promote the reproductive growth, can flowering parts concentrated, promote flowers, the number increased, or even ahead of flowering.

2, some varieties need to cultivate tall seedlings, you need to use growth promoters to promote growth, such as the Indian cuckoo, elongation in the stem with gibberellin leaf spray several times, can make pot plants grow taller and big. For some cut flower varieties such as dwarf chrysanthemum, Aster, in order to make the stalk elongation to meet the requirements of cut flowers, gibberellin can be sprayed 2-3 times.

3, some varieties need to inhibit the elongation of the stalk, with butyral hydrazine spray cut flower chrysanthemum, can prevent the stalk growers, access to high quality cut flowers.

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