How to choose plant growth regulators

- Jul 09, 2018 -

The Important point of choosing plant growth regulators.

1. Have clear production and control objectives. It is necessary to make it clear that it is necessary to solve the production problems such as symptomatic treatment and falling off, or to increase production and improve quality. It can not abuseable.

2. Have the right medicine. There are many plant growth regulators currently advertised on the market. To choose the manufacturers that have regular production, pesticide registration certificates and production licenses. Only such quality and use are guaranteed.

3. Have the perfect application technology. The use of plant growth regulators is very important for its effectiveness. The scope of application, time, object, dose, method, and cooperation measures should be considered to make it clear whether the technology provided by the manufacturer or found by oneself is comprehensive. Do not use products that are not mature.

4. Have better economic benefits.

5. No security issues. To understand whether the drug is highly toxic, whether the normal use has any effect on the quality, and whether there is any residual effect on the postpartum. In particular, medicines and technologies that are prohibited or restricted by the government cannot be used.

6. It is best that the medicine has been used or experimented. Since the effects of plant growth regulators are affected by factors such as climate, species, pharmaceutical sources, and dosage, it is advisable to conduct test demonstration before use in large areas to avoid unnecessary losses.

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