How does plant growth regulators use

- Jul 30, 2017 -

1, to master the correct use of concentration, the use of methods, the use of parts, such as gourd, the use of ethephon can promote the main vine early female flowers, but the use must be 4 to 6 true leaf stage, early use prone Phytotoxicity; eggplant vegetables use 24-d is easy to produce phytotoxicity, to prevent the method is to master the use of concentration, and in accordance with the use of plant growth, temperature and other appropriate adjustments.

2, first test, to determine the most appropriate use of concentration, and then a large area to promote. The effect of plant growth regulators is closely related to the concentration of use. If the concentration is too low, the effect should not be produced. The concentration is too high, which will destroy the normal physiological activities of plants and even damage the plants.

Growing crops, the use of delay agent concentration can be higher, such as leggy or even can not suppress, but also by 1 to 2 times.

Growing the general crop, the use of delay agent concentration is lower, one can.

Growing crops, there is no delay in the growth of the situation, may not need to use growth retardants.

3, pay attention to the use of climate conditions. In the dry climate conditions, the concentration should be reduced; the other hand, in the rain season sufficient application, should be appropriate to increase the concentration. Application time should be at 10 o'clock in the morning, around 4 pm, in the windy weather and the upcoming rain should not be applied, 4 hours after the application of rain, as appropriate, fill half the amount or the amount of liquid.

4, the use of parts and methods to be correct. When applying the plant growth regulator, the treatment site should be determined according to the purpose of application and the principle of efficacy. Such as 24-d to prevent falling flowers, fruit drop, it is necessary to apply the drug on the flowers, inhibit the formation of the layer, if the 24-d treatment of young leaves, it will cause harm.

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