Good Aapplication Prospect of Prohexadione calcium

- May 10, 2018 -

The discovery of prohexadione calcium has opened up a new field of inhibition of gibberellin biosynthesis. It is a plant growth regulator that has been commercialized abroad and is widely used in agricultural production.


As a new type of plant growth regulator, prohexadione calcium can effectively reduce the plant height of rice and wheat, increase lodging resistance, and increase yield. It can be used in peanuts to increase the photosynthetic intensity of peanuts, delay the aging of peanut roots, and increase the pods of peanuts and yielding; used for sorghum, although not ideal for lodging resistance, but postponed the lodging period to avoid stem breakage and root lodging; for fruit trees, with effect of controlling top growth; for flowers and lawns, can effectively reduce plant height.


Compared with other types of plant growth retardants, prohexadione calcium has the advantages of high efficiency, low toxicity, and no residue, which provides more possibilities for reducing or replacing the use of triazole plant retardants, such as uniconazole, and paclobutrazol.


PANPAN Industry Supply high quality Prohexadione calcium 95%TC, 10%WP 15%WP, 15%WDG, 10%WDG.


In recent years, the application of prohexadione calcium has been quite active. It is believed that a new phase of successful application will soon be ushered in. It is foreseeable that prohexadione calcium will play an extremely important role in fields, fruit trees, flowers, Chinese herbal medicines and economic crops, and has broad application prospects.


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