GA4+7​ Introduction

- Mar 05, 2018 -

GA4+7 is a mixture of Gibberellin A4 and Gibberellin A7. It is a necessary growth regulator for plants.


Spec of Gibberellin A4+7

Gibberellin A4+7 (GA4:65%, GA7:35%)Min. 90% Technical;

GA4+7 1.8% formulation;



Applications of Gibberellin A4+7

1.It is used to reduce russetting in apples, increase the fruit set in pears, and increase the germination and yield of celery.

2.It is briefly applied to the production of apple, grape, Tangerine, Pear and other fruit trees.

3.The roles are fruit thinning, changing fruit shape and size, increasing weight of single fruit, thickening skin and prolonging the storage period.

4.The formulation of GA4+7 is being used to induce fruit elongation and to increase the size and quality.


Applicable Plants

Used in Artichokes, beans, celery, cotton, Fuggle hops, lettuce, oats, peas, 

rice, rhubarb, rye, seed potatoes, soybeans, spinach, sugarcane, tomatoes, 

blueberries, cherries, grapes, grapefruit, Italian prune, lemons, navel oranges, Orlando tangelo, strawberries, and certain grasses.



1). It should be complyed with the stipulation of inflammables.
2).The emulsion should not bemixed with alkalescence  pesticidesl.

3). Please prescript it in time of using,as the liquid can't be stored 

for a period of time.

4) Place in low temperature, shelter from light and dry condition.

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