Forbidden Veterianry Drugs, Arsanilic Acid, Olaquindox and Roxarsone

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Arsanilic Acid is a pentavalent organic arsenic preparation. Arsanilic Acid is a broad spectrum antibacterial agent with highly efficient. Arsanilic Acid can effectively inhibit and kill E. coli, Salmonella, coccidia, eperythrozoon, Treponema, Chlamydia and other bacteria and protozoa. What’s more, Arsanilic Acid can also enhance the body's assimilation, promote protein synthesis in the body, improve the quality of eggs, and enhance bone marrow hematopoietic function.


Olaquindox traits as pale yellow crystalline powder. Olaquindox has a good antibacterial effect, and is particularly sensitive to Gram-negative bacteria. Olaquindox is better than chlorotetracycline, tetracycline and oxytetracycline, because the minimum inhibitory concentration is 50 ~ 100μg/ml of Gram-positive bacteria. Olaquindox also has a good inhibition of spirochetes, and there is no cross-resistance with other antibiotics. Therefore olaquindox is more sensitive to clinical common pathogens.


Roxarsone is an anti-bacterial agent of organic arsenic with antibiotics and promoting growth.  In the production of livestock and poultry, Roxarsone is mainly used to promote the growth of livestock and poultry, improve feed conversion, and promote animal pigmentation. In poultry veterinary clinics, roxarsone enhances the efficacy of other anticoccidial drugs and increases egg laying rates. In clinical pig disease, it has good effect on the treatment of pig dysentery and enteritis.


In animal safety, Olaquindox is relatively poor, and often cause poisoning incidents. Olaquindox has moderate to significant accumulation of toxicity, the majority of animals have a significant teratogenic effect, there are potential for people Sanzhi, which are deformity, mutagenic, carcinogenic and other effects. In animal food safety, there is a big security risk.


While arsanilic acid and roxarsone are organic arsenic drugs. According to the U.S.A Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Roxarsone may cause the body to contain arsenic, a carcinogen. It was reported that roxarsone had been made in the United States in 1940s, and ot mainly used to kill parasites and promote poultry growth. Roxarsone is listed in China in 1996, and there are several manufacturers.


In order to ensure the quality and safety of animal products and safeguard public health and ecological security, the Ministry of Agriculture organized a risk assessment and safety review of three veterinary drug products, including olaquindox premix, arsanilic acid premix, and roxarsone. It is the evaluation that the olaquindox, Olaquindox, roxarsone and other three kinds of veterinary drug APIs and various preparations may have safety and ecological risks on animal products quality and safety, and public health.


The Ministry of Agriculture decided to stop the use of olaquindox, olaquindox, and roxarsone in food animals.

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