Feed Grade Vitamin E 50% powder for animal use

- Mar 01, 2018 -

1. Brief introduction about Vitamin E

CAS No. : 7695-91-2

Chemical name: cyanocobalamin

Physical Chemical Properties:

Appearance:  Off-white or pale yellow powder

Solubility (25°C): finely dispersed in special material, water insoluble

Stability: guaranteed activity for 24 months after manufacture, unopened packing and adequate storage conditions provided.

Toxicity: low toxicity

2. Applicatin of Vitamin E feed grade

It is mainly used for muscular dystrophy or white muscle caused by lack of 

vitamin E in livestock ; It spees up synthesis of pituitary gonadotropin, improve 

reproductive performance , increase litter size and egg yield.

So vitamin E is widely used on Chickens.

Its effect includs:

1. Vitamin E feed grade can effectively increase the nucleic acid metabolism, and promote protein synthesis,and increase   the body functions and sexual function.

2. Vitamin E feed grade Increases breeding or laying rate of the livestocks and poultry, while keep the meat tasty and increase nutritional value.

3. Vitamin E usage method on Chickens

Vitamin E layer of chicken feed per kg of vitamin E suitable content of  5 International Units.

First, the rate of egg production will increase, the rate of egg production in the 50% -80% of this stage, the use of sea-hygroscopic treasure, egg production rate will be increased, if more than 90%, you can stabilize egg production rate , And effectively extend the laying time.

Second, the egg weight has increased. The test group and control group, the two groups may be about the size of the egg, and even eat a small amount of hyponatremus, but a comparison of weighing, eat gelatin treasure generally heavier.

Third, the shell thickness and hardness increase, not easily damaged.

Fourth, can effectively improve feed utilization and disease resistance.

Fifth, can effectively extend the egg laying cycle.

Sixth, can effectively increase the egg hatching rate.

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