The application of Ethephon

- Mar 26, 2018 -

As is known to all, Sentimental bananas and mangoes must use ethephon, a ripening agent, to mature within two or three days before they can be placed on the consumer's table. Therefore, many people are worried about whether ripening agents are harmful to the human body. In fact, the ripening agent of plants and the hormones of the human body are incomprehensible, and from the structure to the physiological functions are all not the same thing.

Ethephon is an organic chemical product, and its pure state is white needle crystals, used as a growth stimulant for agricultural plants. Ethephon is a good and effective plant growth regulator, which has the effects of promoting fruit ripening, stimulating wound flow, and regulating gender conversion.

The use of ethephon only utilizes the ethylene gas emitted after its dissolution and ripens, and induces the endogenous ethylene of the banana itself, so that the banana itself rapidly produces ethylene gas and accelerates self-cooking. The ripening process of ethylene is a complex plant physiological and biochemical reaction process, not a chemical process, and it does not produce any substance that is toxic to the human body.


The health hazards of ethephon are: irritating to the skin and eyes, and acid etching to the mucosa. There will be burning sensation, nausea, and vomiting after a accidental use. Vomit was brown and black, and the activity of cholinesterase was decreased. The patient was in a coma after 3.5 hours.

Therefore, ethephon ripening technology is scientific and safe. The use of ethephon to ripen bananas will not harm human health and there is no food safety problem.


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